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The Sea of Thieves

Feature Name Type Map Ref Remarks
any Outpost Special Location @-0
Legend's Hideaway Special Location @-0
Main Menu Special Location @-0
Old Sailor Isle Special Location @-0 The island you start on in the Maiden Voyage
The Ferry of the Damned Special Location @-0

The Ancient Isles

Feature Name Type Map Ref Remarks
Ancient Spire Outpost Outpost Q-17 Main dock to East
Barnacle Cay Small Island O-15
Booty Isle Small Island K-20
Castaway Isle Small Island K-14
Chicken Isle Small Island I-16
Crook's Hollow Large Island M-16
Cutlass Cay Small Island M-18
Devil's Ridge Large Island P-19
Discovery Ridge Large Island E-17
Fools Lagoon Small Island I-14
Lookout Point Small Island I-20
Lost Gold Fort Fortress (Skull Fort) H-17
Mutineer Rock Small Island N-19
Old Boot Fort Fortress (Skull Fort) L-14
Old Salts Atoll Small Island F-18
Paradise Spring Small Island L-17
Plunder Outpost Outpost J-18 Main dock to East
Plunder Valley Large Island F-16
Rock-it Centre Uncharted Rocks J-10 This large rock marks the very centre of the map.
Shark Bait Cove Large Island G-19
Snake Island Medium Island K-16
Stephen's Spoils Seapost L-15
The Crow's Nest Fortress Fortress (Skull Fort) O-17
The Finest Trading Post Seapost F-17
Thieves' Haven Large Island L-20

The Shores of Plenty

Feature Name Type Map Ref Remarks
Boulder Cay Small Island F-5
Cannon Cove Large Island F-10
Crescent Isle Medium Island B-9
Golden Sands Outpost Outpost D-10 Consists of four flat islands linked by bridges. The main dock is to the North-West.
Hidden Spring Keep Fortress (Skull Fort) I-8
Keel Haul Fort Fortress (Skull Fort) C-6
Lagoon of Whispers Small Island D-12
Lone Cove Large Island G-6
Lonely Isle Small Island F-8
Mermaid's Hideaway Large Island B-13
Picaroon Palms Small Island I-2
Rapier Cay Small Island D-8
Rum Runner Isle Small Island H-9
Sailor's Bounty Large Island C-4
Sailor's Knot Stronghold Fortress (Skull Fort) E-14
Salty Sands Small Island F-3
Sanctuary Outpost Outpost F-7 Main dock to East
Sandy Shallows Small Island D-5
Sea Dog's Rest Small Island C-11
Smugglers' Bay Large Island F-3
The North Star Seapost Seapost G-10
The Spoils of Plenty Store Seapost D-3
Twin Groves Small Island H-11
Wanderers Refuge Large Island F-12

The Wilds

Feature Name Type Map Ref Remarks
Black Sand Atoll Small Island O-3
Black Water Enclave Small Island R-5
Blind Man's Lagoon Small Island N-6
Dagger Tooth Outpost Outpost M-8 Main dock to South, very long.
Galleon's Grave Outpost Outpost R-8 Main dock to South
Isle of Last Words Small Island O-9
Kraken Watchtower Fortress (Skull Fort) L-6
Kraken's Fall Large Island R-12
Liar's Backbone Small Island S-11
Marauder's Arch Large Island Q-3
Old Faithful Isle Large Island M-4
Plunderer's Plight Small Island Q-6
Scurvy Isley Small Island K-4
Shark Fin Camp Fortress (Skull Fort) P-5
Shark Tooth Key Small Island P-13
Shipwreck Bay Large Island M-10
Shiver Retreat Small Island Q-11
Skull Keep Fortress (Skull Fort) P-9
The Crooked Masts Large Island O-11 one island, but surrounded by large rocks
The Sunken Grove Large Island P-7
The Wild Treasures Store Seapost O-4
Three Paces East Seapost Seapost S-9
Tri-Rock Isle Small Island R-10

The Devil's Roar

Feature Name Type Map Ref Remarks
Ashen Reaches Large Island V-23
Brian's Bazaar Seapost Y-12
Brimstone Rock Small Island Y-18
Cinder Islet Small Island U-14
Cursewater Shores Small Island Y-13
Fetcher's Rest Large Island V-12
Flames End Small Island V-19
Flintlock Peninsula Large Island W-14
Glowstone Cay Small Island Z-18
Magma's Tide Small Island Y-20
Molten Sands Fortress Fortress (Skull Fort) Z-12
Morrow's Peak Outpost Outpost V-17
Roaring Sands Small Island U-21
Roaring Traders Seapost U-20
Ruby's Fall Large Island Y-16
Scorched Pass Small Island X-11
The Devil's Thirst Large Island W-21
The Forsaken Brink Small Island U-16


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