Golden Sands Outpost

Map Reference: D-10


Golden Sands Outpost is an Outpost in The Shores of Plenty.

Consists of four flat islands linked by bridges. The main dock is to the North-West.

Maps and Aerial Views

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Merchant Alliance Stall; NPC = Senior Trader Mavis

Shipwright Shop; NPC = Sharon

The Captain's Head; NPC = Tina

Gold Hoarders Tent; NPC = Hugh the Hoarder

Order of Souls Hut; NPC = Madame Olga

Clothing Store; NPC = Cecil

Weaponsmith's Shop; NPC = Wanda (or "the Blacksmith") and some strange dude!

Tools & Equipment Shop; NPC = Tom

wooden water tower

Points of Contention

May Contain Boom

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