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This page is a complete list of every Gold Hoarder riddle clue that I know about.

The list is still far from complete, but growing all the time.

General Hints

A Gold Hoarder riddle sheet contains three types of clue, which are revealed one by one, as you solve them:

  • The first clue tells you which island to head to. As soon as you step foot onto the island, the second clue will be revealed.
  • Usually, next, there are a couple of "waypoint" clues. These are landmarks that you need to find and, once there, perform some action. These include:
    • Playing a snatch of music on one your instruments.
    • Holding up the riddle sheet to read it.
    • Holding up the lit lamp. Hold it high by pressing the "block" button.
  • For the final clue, you will also need to find a landmark. Once there, get out your compass, and hold it high (using the "block" button), and walk forward. The compass will bob with each step so you can count them. Then, take out your shovel and dig!

"Underground" Clues

May clues contain a phrase that indicate that the landmark is underground, that is, in a cave. These phrases vary, depending on the action you must take when you get there. For example:

  • hidden from sun's rays
  • in (or through) the gloom
  • There's more to this map than meets the eye, read it at landmark where there is no sky
  • where it’s dark
  • where there is no sky

The Islands

Click on an island name, below, to open the list of key phrases indicating landmarks on the island. These key phrases will be woven into clues, often in the form of rhyming couplets. Click on the phrase itself to see a map and screenshot. Click on these for a bigger view. The screenshots are designed to show the landmark at its best. For most landmarks, especially larger ones, you will have to move closer than the point from which the screenshot was taken.

Ashen Reaches, in The Devil's Roar

Cannon Cove, in The Shores of Plenty

Crescent Isle, in The Shores of Plenty

(The) Crooked Masts, in The Wilds

Crook's Hollow, in The Ancient Isles

Devil's Ridge, in The Ancient Isles

Discovery Ridge, in The Ancient Isles

Fetcher's Rest, in The Devil's Roar

Flintlock Peninsula, in The Devil's Roar

Kraken's Fall, in The Wilds

Lone Cove, in The Shores of Plenty

Marauder's Arch, in The Wilds

Mermaid's Hideaway, in The Shores of Plenty

Old Faithful Isle, in The Wilds

Plunder Valley, in The Ancient Isles

Ruby's Fall, in The Devil's Roar

Sailor's Bounty, in The Shores of Plenty

Shark Bait Cove, in The Ancient Isles

Shipwreck Bay, in The Wilds

Smugglers' Bay, in The Shores of Plenty

Snake Island, in The Ancient Isles

(The) Sunken Grove, in The Wilds

Thieves' Haven, in The Ancient Isles

Wanderers Refuge, in The Shores of Plenty


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