Crescent Isle

Map Reference: B-9


Crescent Isle is a Medium Island in The Shores of Plenty.

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Legends of the Sea II

Legends of the Sea II

Gold Hoarders' Riddles

Below is a list of key phrases indicating landmarks on Crescent Isle. These key phrases will be woven into clues, often in the form of rhyming couplets. Click on the phrase itself to see a map and screenshot. Click on these for a bigger view. The screenshots are designed to show the landmark at its best. For most landmarks, especially larger ones, you will have to move closer than the point from which the screenshot was taken.

at the top of the rock pool waterfall to the North

five barnacled pots on the East beach

the anglers camp on the North East beach

the grassy outcrop, atop the cavern mouth looking to the sea

the headless traveller taking shade atop the island

the hidden storage chamber... underground

the rock pool to the North

the rowboat shooting range to the North East

the sun starved palm... underground

the tallest tree at the highest point

the three skull totem near the tunnel entrance

the unfortunate angler on the North East beach

the water well to the South East

the wooden bridge... underground


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