Thieves' Haven

Map Reference: L-20


Thieves' Haven is a Large Island in The Ancient Isles.

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the bone scarecrow to the North

Gold Hoarders' Riddles

Below is a list of key phrases indicating landmarks on Thieves' Haven. These key phrases will be woven into clues, often in the form of rhyming couplets. Click on the phrase itself to see a map and screenshot. Click on these for a bigger view. The screenshots are designed to show the landmark at its best. For most landmarks, especially larger ones, you will have to move closer than the point from which the screenshot was taken.

Butterfly Lookout under the highest point

Eagles Passage up high to the South East

The ancient diving plank above the inner waters

the beetle on the inner pathway

the excavator's grave up high to the West

the graveyard up high to the West

the hunters Tale on the north west grassy ledge

the last crewmate at the beach survivor's camp to the East

the North point where four pathways meet... underground

the outside bridge

the overgrown hut to the North West

the painted heavens up high to the North East

the passage between the hanged thieves... underground

the Red Eyed Parrot above the North inner waters

the rock marked with spears

the shattered bridge across Haven Arch

the spearfisherman on the lonely isle

the stone beacon looking out the South West seas

the thrice marked crabs on the East beach

the twin fish on the North beach

the twin heads atop the stone steps up high

Turtle Rock up high to the East


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