Tall Tale 1: The Shroudbreaker

A Mysterious Stranger has received word of a vast treasure, once sought by the Pirate Lord himself, which lies beyond the far reaches of the Sea of Thieves.

Quest Giver: Mysterious Stranger at any Tavern, on any Outpost

Chapter 1: The Lost Voyage

Your first task is to find the log of the Pirate Lord's ship, the Magpie's Wing.

Where do I start?     

Where do I find the log book?     

Anything else before I go?     

Chapter 2: On the Path of a Legend

Some pages of the ship's log of the Magpie's Wing have been added to your Tall Tale book. With them in your possession, you must now retrace its final voyage.

From the options below, select the pages that you have been given.

Option 1:

"Anchoring on the South side of Thieves' Haven. Captain's gone ashore."

Option 2:

"Anchoring down on the North side of Discovery Ridge. Captain's gone ashore."

Option 3:

"Anchoring down on the East side of Plunder Valley. Captain's gone ashore."


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