Ahoy, there!

My name is SurveyorPete. That's me, to port, waving.

I sail on the Sea of Thieves, and decided to create this web site as resource for myself, my crew mates, and the wider pirating community.

The Exploring barrel button, above, will take you to a page where you can search for islands, and other geographical features in the Sea of Thieves by name, type, region and the animals you are likely to find there. Ultimately, this section will include maps and details about each island, showing the major landmarks of each.

The Captain's Blog barrel button, above, will take you to a list of articles I have written, mostly for the official Seas of Thieves forum.

The Enterprize barrel button will show you the real Tall Ship that I sail on. Finally, the Screen Shots button will take you a photo (or wallpaper) gallery.

To the right, are a collection of Tools.

Contact Me

If you want to contact me, find me in game, or email me at pete@surveyorpete.fun


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