Mic Not Working

by: RealStyli – Friday, 7 April 2023

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Unlike a lot of PC games, Sea of Thieves relies on you having your microphone set as "Default Communication Device" not just "Default Device" within your Sound Control Panel. Usually when you install a new input Windows will prompt you to do this automatically, but sometimes it will only apply the "Default Device" setting - which, in fairness, is good enough for most applications to utilise it, or they will let you select in the app's own settings. Sea of Thieves likes to be special though.

  • Right-click on the speaker on your taskbar tray
  • Click "Sounds" to go to your Sound Control Panel
  • Navigate to the "Recording tab" at the top of the window
  • Right-click on your microphone or input you want to use from the list
  • Select both "Set as Default Device" and "Set as Default Communication Device" *
  • If you have inputs you don't use listed here, now is a good time to disable them
  • In Sea of Thieves enable the Chat Indicator from the audio settings if you haven't already.

( * = note that this setting has a habit of resetting after a big Windows update, so be sure to check it again after one)

99% of the time, this is the setting that causes mics not to work within the game.


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