Alliance ship amount (why isn't it capped?) (response)

by: SurveyorPete – Monday, 9 August 2021

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Apologies if this has been a topic at some point, haven't been aware) ... (probably has)

It certainly has!

My own solution, which I proposed here long ago, was to change the profit-share that arises from alliances. When I started playing this game, shortly after its release, I was surprised that each member of the crew got full value for loot handed in, regardless of whether you were on a four man galleon crew, or a solo-slooper. The situation got even sillier with alliances, where a five ship alliance could effectively get 300% value for loot handed in.

My suggestion then is that the value of the loot (and XP) is SPLIT between alliance members, rather than multiplied by 50% for each additional ship.

The split should be something like this:

  • No Alliance: Selling ship: 100%
  • Two Ship Alliance -- Selling ship: 70%; Alliance partner: 30%
  • Three Ship Alliance -- Selling ship: 50%; Each alliance parner: 25%
  • Four Ship Alliance -- Selling ship: 40%; Each alliance partner: 20%
  • Five Ship Alliance -- Selling ship: 32%; Each alliance partner: 17%
  • Six Ship Alliance -- Selling ship: 30%; Each alliance partner: 14%

Under this scheme, the value of anything sold is roughly split by the number of ships in the alliance, plus one. The ship selling the loot gets two shares, and each alliance partner gets one share.

Each ship gets their own emmissary multiplier applied, if applicable to the goods sold. So, if two ships are allied, and the one flying a GH emmisary flag sells a foul skull, they get a flat 70%. But the partner ship, flying an OOS emmisary flag, gets their current multiplier applied to their 30% share of the value.

Let's see how popular alliance servers are under such a scheme!


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