Players don't sink Ships! (response)

by: SurveyorPete – Saturday, 24 November 2018

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The difficulty with commending a crew for sinking a ship is that players don’t sink ships.

Water sinks ships.

There are several ways in which a ship can fill with water, including holes in the hull, rain, bucketing water in, and the chest of sorrows.

Players may help this process along with cannonballs and powder kegs, or steering a ship into rocks; but nothing they do will directly and immediately sink the ship.

Water sinks ships. Not players.

This is difficulty with assigning credit for a ship sinking to a crew. A ship may fill with water for a number of reasons. Even if it sinks just because it has holes, the holes may have been caused by the number of things: enemy action, island cannon fire, running aground, Meg, storms, volcanoes, etc.

For example, you fire on a ship and hole it, and it starts to fill with water. The solo sailor on board starts to repair your holes. Just as he repairs the last hole, rain fills his ship and it sinks. Should you get credit for that?

What if you board an empty ship, and raise its anchor, sending it sailing into a rock. Then you return to your own ship. How do you get credited, when the empty ship finally succumbs to the water?

Players don’t sink ships.

Water sinks ships.


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